Using the Guidewire software platforms ProducerEngage (Agents) and CustomerEngage (Policyholders), MEM was able to transform their digital presence and provide greater self-service to their customers. As Product Owner of this multi-million dollar initiative, we successfully launched in 2020 with greater efficiency in application entry, quicker claim intake, and greater access to information by users in post-launch data analysis.
Significant change management and training occurred internally so customer-facing service staff to understand the impacts of these enhancements for the user. Additionally, a strong partnership with the marketing team yielded a consistent and clear campaign to let the end-users know the change was coming and what to expect. A cascading communications plan was created to outline exactly what messaging would be presented to users at what time during our launch sequence. The plan included:
   - Promotions for the portal to begin no less than 45 days prior to launch
   - Create high-level talking points, custom imagery and video tutorials related to specific key transactions users might initially engage in, such as paying a monthly bill.
   - A landing page to promote the upcoming launch and the new portal functionality.
   - A promotional video targeting existing customers (below), as well as separate video content targeted toward partnering independent insurance agents.
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