With a deep desire to understand how to delight customers - their policyholders - Missouri Employers Mutual launched a comprehensive journey mapping initiative in 2018. The effort started with an internal analysis of all customer touchpoints throughout key departments, and radiated outward with qualitative and quantitative research with customers directly. This research included in-depth survey analysis of over 400 licensed independent insurance agents, as well as moderated customer focus groups across the state.
This journey map and 'Moments of Truth' helped me refine customer personas to determine MVP for the digital implantation of a new customer portal.
Customer Journey map, depicting a customer's journey with the company throughout the lifetime of their policy. Includes moments of truth, emotions and goals of each phase within the journey.
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Click here to find out the results from a usability study I conducted with users to find out if new designs within an updated workflow impacted usability for long-time customers.
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